ClickFunnels Tutorial :: How To Do A Paid Trial With Stripe Using ClickFunnels

Want to bypass all the tech?

Just download the funnel I use in this tutorial here:



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Add to Footer Tracking Code Settings — Remember, the dashes are actually a greater than sign or a less than sign, but YouTube doesn’t allow those html tags in this description, so I just used little dashes…. But seriously, this is the right code to make it work.

Change tmp_button tag appropriately

– script tag –


– closing script tag –

Remember, youtube doesn’t like the script tags, so replace the dashes with angle brackets and proper script elements.

Use To Take Out The Flashing Arrow in CSS Settings

div.dashed.orderFormBump – div – div:nth-child(1) – label:nth-child(1) – img display:none;

— Keep in mind, Angle Brackets aren’t allowed in the descriptions here, so you’ll have to add in the angle brackets for the script tag, and for the CSS settings.

In other words, where there is a “-“, put a greater than sign. 🙂 I can’t type it out or YouTube yells at me.

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