ClickFunnels Tutorial – Sticky Element [CSS Tricks 2020]

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ClickFunnels Tutorials for all levels! In this tutorial, we cover how to add a sticky element to your column. Sticky element for a full section is already natively built in the editor, but we explore specifically making columns inside of a section stick in the user viewport. Great little trick for order forms, sales pages, and membership areas inside the CF.

Here’s an example! />
If you’re stuck, just hit me up on with your funnel page link. 🙂


Time Stamp:
0: 00 Intro
0: 32 Overview of what’s covering in the video
1: 58 + CSS Codes for those that know what they are doing
2: 24 Concept of a Sticky Element
4: 18 Implementing in a Sales Page
8: 03 Implementing in a Membership Area
10: 58 Working around the Native sticky section


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