ClickFunnels VS Carrot – You Must Choose Your Platform For Motivated Seller Leads

This video give you a simple choice: ClickFunnels VS Carrot – You Must Choose Your Platform For Motivated Seller Leads.

So you want to get more motivated seller leads using a website or sales funnel? Well, these two choices will net you a FREE Starter Chirply as well if you end up grabbing either one.

Each platform has some pros and cons, and it really depends on your overall goals and business on which one is right for you.

I’m a passionate ClickFunnels user so I admit there may be some bias. But here is my overall breakdown.

Carrot: s

Pros: Best For SEO, Fast Load Speed, Done For You Marketing Content, Laser Focused On Generating Motivated Seller Leads
Cons: Limited To Only 1-3 Sites Depending On Plan, No Funnels

ClickFunnels: m

Pros: 20 Funnels, Top Notch Funnel Training, Course Creation, Sell Other Products Or Services, Affiliate Marketing, Completely Customizable
Cons: Not SEO Friendly, Learning Curve, More Hands-On

My advice is if you want a close to done-for-you platform that will be rock solid for years to come for generating motivated seller leads, go with Carrot and the Advanced Marketer plan. This will unlock access to everything they have! You’ll get training, strategy calls and the best marketing content around to blow up your Google rank for motivated seller leads.

If you might be interested in branching out and taking more of a hands-on approach to marketing, ClickFunnels offer more options to expand beyond just motivated seller lead generation. It will be more of a guerilla marketing or pay-to-play game, as SEO ranking is possible but will be tougher for ClickFunnels. You can sell products, services, and create your own courses in ClickFunnels which is always fun!

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The choice is yours… but you must choose! ClickFunnels VS Carrot.

If you do choose ClickFunnels I have extra bonuses available for you, as I can create and share funnels on ClickFunnels to help you along.

You can check out my Current ClickFunnels bonuses here: s

You’ll be getting FREE access to a Chirply Starter Plan with either platform. Chirply is a cold calling automation software that allows you to send bulk SMS messages, 2-way calling, email, texts, SMS auto-responders, use a power dialer, drop ringless voicemails and more.

You can see what Chirply can do here: s

Let me know YOUR THOUGHTS on ClickFunnels VS Carrot. Drop me a comment!

Disclosure: I am an independent ClickFunnels & Carrot Affiliate. I receive referral payments from ClickFunnels & Carrot. The opinions expressed here are my own and are not official statements of ClickFunnels or its parent company, Etison LLC or Carrot. Some of the links on this channel may be affiliate links, so if you follow them and make a purchase I may earn a commission.




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