Clickfunnels vs HighLevel CRM

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This a quick comparison to show how the funnels look in Clickfunnels vs HighLevel.

Just want to make a quick update that you “should” have permission to use someone else’s funnel before importing it.

Like I said I’m not a huge funnel builder but now that this is available to use through HighLevel (basically for free at this point since I was happily paying for the software without it) it is really hard to justify sticking with Clickfunnels at this point.

The only reason I could see someone sticking with Clickfunnels at this point is if you have membership site or you have a lot of affiliates paying for the service.

However membership funnels are on the way for HighLevel, the team they have are super responsive and impressive for the amount of features they are able to add in such a short period of time.

They also have an incredible affiliate program as well.

I cannot recommend it enough and suggest trying the 2 week free trial to test it out yourself.

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