ClickFunnels vs MintBird Funnel Building 🔥 Sales Funnel Building 🔥 Funnel Libraries 🔥

Get Your Free 14 Day Trial Of ClickFunnels Here!! – ClickFunnels does a good job at funnel building but MintBird does it in a smarter way.

If you are a user of Clickfunnels or a similar funnel builder, most probably you had to go through a process of identifying and understand almost every feature and the components of the builder, both basic and advanced, so you could finally build your first funnel. I bet you felt a bit overwhelmed for some time before getting the hang of it.

On top of that, when you create your funnel using any of these platforms there is no other option than build it around the product. This means you need to repeat the process to build another funnel for other product, even if they are similar.

With these platforms, you are unable to re-apply an already built funnel to a new product unless you can copy and paste, which means you have to invest time to perform the required modifications so it works the way you want.

With MintBird you have the option to build libraries (products, upsells, downsells, bump offers, etc) from where to pick to build the best offer for your customers.

This saves you time and increases your chance of more sales as you become more effective at funnel building.

This platform has been in development for 19 months and is ready to launch on July 29th, 2021.

MintBird does things you’ve never seen before, easier and faster than any other product on the market. With library centred engineering behind its functionality, it will be a matter of set and forget your creation of funnels, upsells, downsells, bump offers, deliveries and retargeting.

Click the link at the top and sign up to take advantage of the pre-launch of MintBird. 8

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