clickfunnels vs Thrive Themes (And Which One Will Make You Huge Profits!)

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ClickFunnels or Thrive Themes? Find out the answer based on value, site speed, control, design, training, and marketing features.

this image shows clickfunnels vs thrive themesthis image shows clickfunnels vs thrive themes

ClickFunnels has become a popular choice. You can launch sales funnels in record time. Their pages improve conversions and traffic.

Even better, it promises lifetime updates. They may add new features, but you still pay the same amount, which means that the long term cost of ClickFunnels is almost zero.

Yet, that doesn’t make it the ideal solution for 100% of entrepreneurs. Some marketers may prefer other funnel builders with similar features.

For example, Thrive Themes specializes in content marketing and offer better pricing for beginners.

The decision comes down to details and preferences. Then, should you choose to Thrive Themes or ClickFunnels?

Fast Launch And Set Up

this image shows clickfunnels vs thrive themes speedthis image shows clickfunnels vs thrive themes speed

Let’s start with a crucial variable: speed. It should be your priority before we even look at the software features.

After all, the real value of a tool is the usage we give, not its potential. When you compare both platforms, don’t limit to features and price. How easy is it to work with them? How quickly can you learn to use it?

Knowledge without action has no power. That’s why ClickFunnels makes it so simple for beginners. You can launch a sales funnel within minutes, even if you never built a website before.

Another advantage is integrity. ClickFunnels is an all-in-one business software. You barely need any other apps, and it’s simple to manage the website.

Thrive Funnels, however, doesn’t offer the right speed. In essence, this software is a complement for WordPress Sites. Therefore, you need to install a plugin for each feature you want to enable.

The fact we need to connect these pieces makes it slower and complex, hence more chance to make mistakes. Thrive Themes can take a week to set up, but the final result is worth it.

The Winner: ClickFunnels

Comparing The Theme Selection

Yes, ClickFunnels is the go-to platform for entrepreneurs. But what if every marketer starts using it? Competitor funnels look identical to yours.

When everybody is using the best software, the seller with the best marketing skills wins. Quick fix: spend more time to make your funnel unique.

It’s easier said than done. ClickFunnels only has so many templates you can use, and most of them look almost the same. When using Thrive Themes, things change.

Thrive has twice more templates than ClickFunnels to customize. They come as a set for each stage of the funnel, from the landing page to the sales page. Plus, fewer people use Thrive Themes than ClickFunnels, which makes your brand more unique.

this image shows thrive themes theme selectionthis image shows thrive themes theme selection

Despite the load speed issues, the best of web design is on Thrive.

The Winner: Thrive Themes

ClickFunnels VS Thrive Themes: The Sales Process

this image shows a sales funnelthis image shows a sales funnel

Now, you have a working website and know how to get traffic. How about sales?

ClickFunnels has convenient features to sell online products. These sales tactics include upsells, cross-sells, affiliate programs, and everything else among them.

Marketers prefer ClickFunnels for subscription models.

They can sell info-products as a pack and organize content in memberships.

You can create multiple subscriptions without interfering with each other.

Thrive Themes doesn’t have such features, so we need to integrate other apps. It takes more money, time, and creates complexity. The set up is not as fast as on ClickFunnels.

But when it comes to content marketing, Thrive Themes wins. You can manage your blogs, email newsletters, and social media publications. Although you could add features with WordPress plugins, it lacks the integrity of ClickFunnels.

The Winner: ClickFunnels

Marketers will find a lot of value in each software. However, one delivers more than the other.

Thrive Themes gives marketers more design freedom. Their templates are extensive and cover all the stages of a sales funnel. Integrate it on WordPress, and it will be more powerful. You can get all the features in their basic plan for $30 per month.

However, Thrive can be a challenge for beginners. The learning curve is slower than on ClickFunnels, and the load speed reduces.

It doesn’t matter how you design your website if visitors leave before it loads. You could install WP Engine to go around it, but it costs over $300 a year. We didn’t mention the extra costs for marketing plugins.

ClickFunnels wins because it’s complete. You can base your online business without using 3rd-party apps. It’s faster to navigate, and the sales features allow us to customize our strategy.

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