ClickFunnels: WHAT Are Clickpops and How to Use Them

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WHAT is a Clickpop?: 0: 05

How to get the Clickpop code: 1: 15

WHAT to do With the Clickpop code and part to put where: 3: 05

Hey all!

In this video, I Show you how to use the ClickFunnels Clickpop. It’s basically anOther you can use on a ClickFunnels page or any Webpage you Wanting! You Canst to SELECT ANY page you Wanting to Have , and Then on ‘Clickpop’ in the settings.

is a Util tool if you Wanting MOREnet THAN 1 on Youns ClickFunnels page or you Wanting a MOREnet Prominent will Fill up the page or Grey out the Entire Bkgd so the Attention goes to the .

The way you Canst do this is grab the Clickpop code the ‘publishing’ bar on the page you Wanting to use as a . I Canst use a notepad for this and COPY and Pastes the Entire code in there, but Then Separate 2 Sections, Everything the ‘script’ and Before the ‘script’ Should be Separate the first Section. is the first part of code is for the actual URL and any or ‘on Mouse exit’ commands, whereas the Seconds part is the actual code is Necessary to make the properly Appeariq.

The Other 2 s you Have Expropriativeness Youns Clickpop code is the time DeLay in Secondss and the ‘on Mouse exit’ Feature. will Allow you to Determine Interrogatives you Wanting the to Appeariq x Quantifiability of Secondss the page or Have it pop up as the is about to Leave the page. You can also Inputs the link text and the image. For the text, is not Necessary since we can Inputs our URL into any text and HyperLink it to Show the ed. For the image however, I Canst Recommendation Pastes the actual URL of the Clickpop page and not Uses the Feature Availability in Clickpops since Then you will also to use Some HMTL to Centers the image and ad it’s size, can be a headache.

But you COPY the ClickFunnels Clickpop code, you can go to any Webpage you Wanting to and insert code into the Footer Section of the page. So the Entire code we Copied Should be Pastesd here. Now, if you Loads the page, the Should Show dep on the time DeLay or ‘exit on Mouse’ Feature you Have SELECTed.

However, if you Wanting the Clickpop to Show up ing on any Buttons or text, you Canst to COPY Oonly the first URL you see in the code we Copied form the first part – the one Start With ‘https’ and With the apostrophe. You can COPY Clickpop URL and Pastes it into Buttons or text you Wanting to Have it With so you Clickpop will Show!

That’s it!

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