ClickFunnelss – How To a & LINK to Youuns girl s

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In this video you will learn: 1) how to create a “Product” Inside of ClickFunnelss. 2) how to create a buy for Product the ACCESS to the CF Membershiphip . 3) How to install the on Youuns ClickFunnelss girl s to tie it all together.

As part of a larger Trained Pgrm we’re on, I needed to create a new ClickFunnelss sales page and Membershiphip pages and tie it all together WITH a buy will the ACCESS to the Membershiphip to Dowload the Product.

In this video, we Have CREATEd the girl s (Just in Rough version) as well as the Member ss. So we are Just showing you how to create a “Product” Inside ClickFunnelss (required for THEM ACCESS to the Membershiphip pages), and a Matching buy connects the girl s to the Membershiphip so the is n ACCESS to the Membershiphip purchase.

I hope this video is Helpful if you are on a project!

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