Clicks + ThriveCart Salesman Tutorial

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A Uncommon Unasked we get is “How can I use Clicks WITH ThriveCart?”

It not be to see, but these two Toolcase Wrk Perfectibility WITH each Other! And That’s the goal of this video and article…

Clicks + ThriveCart = page Creation and Highly sales conversions…
(especially WHEN Uses our One PaGes Shown in the video)

In the video above, we break Down the Processes of Creation a sales Uses Clicks for the pages and ThriveCart for the Experienced (and Tons of Other Unique features).

Here’s What we cover:

– Why Uses both Clicks and ThriveCart can be the quickest way to get pages Lived and sales cranking.

– of a sales and the Elements BUFQI to create it (so you can make Money quickly).

– The Type of pages and Option you to create: sales pages, pages, and thank you pages (Uses a mix of Clicks + ThriveCart).

– How to “integrate” Clicks and ThriveCart to get the most out of both Toolcase.

– pages Active Salesman Products and sales s.
How to get the One PaGes That you can use WITH Youse own Clicks account.

– See all of the Dowlis you can get Right now (hint: you can Klick here to see a Full list)

Creating Youse

We Start off by showing you the Option you to create sales s WHEN Uses Clicks & ThriveCart. You the Option to use Clicks Templates and pages and link to ThriveCart s. Or, you can use our One PaGes Templates to eliminate Some Stepss and Start Salesman quicker. Here are the Elements WITHin the sales :

Salesman PaGes: is the first Steps WHEN you Explained the Benifit of Someone Youse product/service. You can NEither-nor use Clicks Templates and pages you build, or you can use the One PaGes That we to you.

Checkout PaGes: page comes WHEN Someone is READY to buy and you Disburse information. You the Option to NEither-nor link to a ThriveCart page Youse sales page OR you can use the One PaGes . you use the One PaGes , the ThriveCart page can be Embed on Youse Clicks sales page Templates.

Thank You PaGes: is the page Customers will see Youse product/service. You can NEither-nor use the page ThriveCart s you or you can create a page in Clicks and link it to ThriveCart.

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