Clone/Copy ANY ClickFunnels page in seconds using a Chrome extension

Clone any funnel in a second.
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Clickfunnels Easy Page Cloner allows you to easily copy any Clickfunnels page on the internet in just 2 simple clicks.

You may be wanting to copy a successful proven profitable funnel you’ve found on the internet. With Clickfunnels Easy Page Cloner you can do that in just a few seconds. Clickfunnels Easy Page Cloner will aleart you any time you are on a page that can be easily copied right into your clickfunnels account, then you just click the copy button and boom just like that the funnel is now yours to paste into your Clickfunnels account.

Maybe you just built your page using the wrong page type and you don’t want to rebuild the entire thing, Clickfunnels Easy Page Cloner has you covered for that as well. Just use our simple tool to move the page to the right page type.

Clickfunnels easy page cloner will save you hours and hours of time. You may be just one funnel away and with Clickfunnels Easy Page Cloner you’ll be able to get that one funnel much faster and easier.


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