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In this Cloud Computing Interview questions and answers you will learn the latest and top questions asked by companies for cloud computing interview. This cloud computing interview questions & answers video covers all kinds of questions starting from basic to advanced questions so that you can get benefited. We can assure you that if you watch this cloud computing interview preparation video completely you can crack any cloud computing job interview easily.
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Topics are covered in this video:
00: 00 – Cloud computing
01: 35 – Compare on-premise and cloud computing
03: 28 – What is a cloud
04: 24 – What is cloud computing
05: 20 – What are the benefits of cloud computing
06: 24 – Mention the layers of PaaS architecture
08: 15 – What are the cloud service models
09: 11 – What are the components of Windows Azure
10: 02 – What are the differences that occurred in distributed operations
10: 49 – Which agent is equivalent to Nova Compute
11: 27 – Mention the reliability and availability of cloud computing
14: 00 – Best example for open source cloud computing
15: 02 – What is AMI? How do we implement it?
17: 20 – Why are hybrid clouds so important?
18: 43 – Platforms used for large-scale cloud computing
19: 38 – Types of models used for deployment in cloud computing
20: 33 – Security management in terms of cloud computing
22: 00 – What are the layers of cloud computing
22: 40 – Full form and usage of ‘Eucalyptus’ in cloud computing
23: 57 – Some large cloud providers and databases
24: 51 – Difference between traditional and cloud data centers
26: 13 – What are the uses of APIs in cloud services
27: 10 – Mention the different data center deployments of cloud computing
28: 39 – Three basic functioning clouds in cloud computing
29: 23 – What are the characteristics of cloud architecture that differ from traditional architecture
30: 29 – What are the building blocks of cloud architecture
30: 58 – Explain AWS
32: 16 – How can you vertically scale an Amazon instance
33: 29 – Security usage in AWS model
34: 35 – What are the reasons that make amazon so big
36: 15 – Certification earned?

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Why cloud computing is important?

Cloud computing benefits are huge. It is highly reliable, extremely cost effective and amazingly secure. The kind of service it boasts of makes a wonderful option for the organizations to choose. The future of cloud computing is bright so it makes a must for a professional to learn cloud computing considering the kind of future it has.

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