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Tracking our contacts in our email account and deal pipeline in a spreadsheet is fast, lightweight…and let’s be honest, total chaos. The solution? Sign up with a cloud CRM to give us structure in our new business pursuits. It felt better. We felt more in control. Until our day-to-day became clunky, slow, and using 10% of the functionality we were sold on. And it’s now sitting there, a heavy line item on our monthly bill.

Welcome to a fully-functioning CRM that you can customize to your own needs, easily. No need for hiring consultants or being a developer. Adding new pipeline statuses is simply adding a new row to a table. Deleting fields you don’t need is a right click or a drag and drop to hide. It’s like a spreadsheet – but everything is connected in the way it should.

With beautiful pipeline views, visual customer insights, and dashboards – you’ll love using a CRM that’s just right for you.
As simple as you run. As complex as your unique ways.
Sell your products, services, and ideas to a world that needs to hear what you have to say and give.

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