COMPLETE GUIDE – How To Build A Landing Page With Vue.js

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This is a full guide on how to build a landing page with vue.js to display information for a mobile app. The main features that will be covered in this video include:

1: 50 Setting up a vue.js app
6: 29 Using bootstrap to create a responsive an modern design
41: 39 Link to Firebase Auth so users can create accounts for the app
1: 13: 08 Create a contact form that sends emails using SendGrid
1: 46: 39 Deploy the landing page with Firebase Hosting
1: 50: 38 Update meta tags so the site link looks great on social media platforms
1: 56: 45 Configure a custom domain name

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Useful Links:
Get nmp:
Bootstrap Docs:
Free Images:
Node Mailer:
Firebase Hosting:
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#vue #startup #firebase

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