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If you don’t want to pay for ads to drive traffic to your landing pages, you could create a content marketing funnel that can be found via search engines and social media.

Sales Funnel Stage highlights many different types of funnels used within internet marketing. The purpose of funnels are a method to lead potential customers through a series of steps with the intention of selling products and gaining repeat customers

It’s amazing that one of the newest funnel building platforms is currently in beta and being developed by one of the biggest names in the internet marketing space is offering a free-for-life plan that gives you access to many tools that you can use to start to build an online business.

The free version of this platform gives anyone enough state-of-the-art tools to conquer the learning curve and become a successful internet marketer. It doesn’t stop with funnel building either, that is only the tip of the iceberg.

You can build 3 full websites with as many pages as you want with the free version or build complete e-commerce sites with many other apps included.

And, it’s well worth saying it again, all for free. That is, no credit card needed.

As this platform gets closer to no longer being in the beta stage, there is no telling how much longer the free-for-life offer will be available!

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