Conversion Funnel 101 | Marketing and Sales Funnels Explained 🔻AARRR, AIDA, and Growth Loops

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Growth 🚀starts with building, tracking, and improving your product’s conversion funnel 🔻Although there’re tons of content about funnels available on the Internet, there’re still so many misconceptions and cliches that may keep you from gathering actionable insights.

✅ So is there any difference between the marketing funnel, sales funnel and purchase funnel?🤔
✅ Why we need funnels?
✅ Should you be sticking to any specific framework, such as AARRR, AIDA, or Growth Loops?
✅ And which funnel type is the best?

To answer these and so many other questions, we’ve filmed a series of educational videos on conversion funnels for Railsware Product Academy – so make sure to subscribe and be the first to watch our upcoming uploads!

0: 00 What is a Marketing/Sales/Conversion Funnel?
0: 25 What is the difference?
0: 49 What makes funnels look that way?
01: 25 What do we do with funnels?
01: 55 Why do we need funnels?
03: 12 What is the best funnel type?
03: 50 Basic Funnel structure
04: 47 AIDA Funnel Example
06: 49 A missing piece to an AIDA Framework
07: 43 AARRR Funnel Example
09: 14 Funnel Metrics
09: 46 Everything you need to know about other funnel frameworks
10: 25 Game-changing view at Customer Journey
10: 35 Loop Framework (McKinsey)
10: 50 Growth Loops (Belfour, Reforge)
12: 00 Video Summary

We’d love to hear from you!🙋‍♀️💬 Share your cases of using Conversion Funnels in the comments ⬇️ Make sure to subscribe to Railsware Product Academy and hit the bell button 🔔 to learn more Product Marketing tricks from our next videos!

Design and video production: Oleg Gorovoi, Vlad Shagov, PING Studio
Author and speaker: Karina Plastun

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