Conversion Funnel 101 | Top of the Funnel Insights 🔍 Guide by Railsware

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Apart from identifying bottlenecks and opportunities, conversion funnels help gather actionable insights about your customers. In the second video of our funnel series, we’ve shared 8 tips for top-of-the-funnel section (TOFU) insights 🤓🔍🚀

To make the most out of Railsware’s recommendations, make sure to watch our first video on the basics of conversion funnels here: E

Watch this video and find out:
✅ How do you get to know your customers before they first hear about you
✅ Where to get content ideas for higher conversion rates
✅ Which keywords bring you the most conversions
✅ How to retrieve additional data about your website visitors

To answer these and so many other questions, we’ve filmed a series of educational videos on conversion funnels for Railsware Product Academy – so make sure to subscribe and be the first to watch our next uploads!

0: 00 How conversion funnels provide insights
0: 50 Top-of-the-funnel section basics
01: 04 Understand your customers when there’s no data
01: 24 Essential keywords – case-based example
02: 15 Best tools for keyword research in 2021
02: 43 Where to find customer feedback
03: 13 Tip to understand the latest market trends
03: 38 How to keep up with the community
04: 06 Insights from the search ads
04: 27 Self-service ad platforms to run search ads
05: 05 How to boost your content relevance
05: 28 Main success indicator in 2021
05: 42 Tips to better understand your organic performance
06: 22 How to fix Google Analytics not provided issue with keywords
06: 50 How to find out your website visitors company name
07: 52 Understand your users behavior better
08: 19 Best tools to watch session recordings and build heatmaps (both web and mobile)
08: 31 Tip for identifying users questions and constraints

We’d love to hear from you!🙋‍♀️💬 Share your cases of using Conversion Funnels in the comments ⬇️ Make sure to subscribe to Railsware Product Academy and hit the bell button 🔔 to learn more Product Marketing tricks from our next videos!

Design and video production: Oleg Gorovoi
Author and speaker: Karina Plastun

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