Conversion Funnel that Works (Easy 10-Step Guide)

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A friend’s marketing mentor once told him:

“Most businesses waste 50% of their marketing budget on average!”

Maybe that’s true in some cases…

But a conversion funnel (done right) falls into the other 50%—growth.

And every time I look at our bank account (and our clients funnels), I’m reminded of that fact.

The numbers I see there say this: a website conversion funnel in place can turn $1 into $15 (and less or more depending on your business and your market).

Because here’s a simple truth: without a conversion funnel, you’re not marketing…

You’re gambling.

You’re left hoping that you’ll make sales—and that’s a serious mistake.

Unfortunately, if you follow “trendy” marketing gurus, they’ll tell you website conversion funnels require a lot of work.

But I’ll open your eyes, baby…

Honestly, converting your “strangers” into loyal customers isn’t actually that hard. You’ve just got to know the steps.

In this 10-step guide, I’m going to simplify what would otherwise be an unnecessarily complicated process for you.

When you follow this “recipe for success”, you’ll be able to get a WORKING website conversion funnel up and running.

It may not be perfect at first. But it will work and you’ll learn how to polish and optimize it over time.

And best of all, you’ll do it in as little as 1 week.

Today, I’m going to tell you…

How to manufacture leads and sales with the right conversion funnel that’ll practically print you $.
How to create your own sales funnel from top to bottom, step by step, and why it’ll work for you.
And how to optimize your conversion funnel after launch to get better and better results.

In 10 steps, you’ll have your conversion funnel up and running.

This is your LAZY marketer’s guide to conversion funnels. And even if you’re not lazy, the point here is to simplify success for you!

It’s almost launch time…

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