Convert Real Estate Leads Fast with a Sales Funnel

Why aren’t you getting any new real estate clients? You could be doing every strategy in the book, but it’s just not working. The problem could be in your sales funnel.

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Your real estate sales funnel is what will lead people to hire you to help them sell or buy a house. The reason why sales funnels are so important is that they tell you when and if someone is likely to hire you. So, how do you create your own sales funnel and how should you use it?

All you have to do to get started is watch this video.

00: 00 – The big problem
01: 28 – What people think about when buying
03: 01 – The reason why your lead gen strategies don’t work
03: 20 – What is a Sales Funnel?
04: 02 – How to market to each type of lead
05: 20 – Clients are friends and friends are clients
07: 26 – How long does a sales funnel conversion take?
09: 27 – Final reminder about converting leads into clients

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