Create a Marketing Funnel with Marketplan

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⚒️Tool: Marketplan
💡Idea: Creating a business with Planning Marketing Blueprints
🙌 How to Start: ID you can help businesses with targeted Marketing
🧐 Let me know if you need help

Brief description of the tool:
Map Out Your Marketing Funnels, Collaborate with Your Team,
Execute Your Strategy & Set It All Live With 1 Click

Who this is for:
Marketers, Freelancers, Agency

Skill Level:

Business Ideas
1) Technicians
2) Architects
3) Sales

First three steps
Step 1: Pick a business idea
Step 2: Reach out to 10-15 people based on whatever business idea you go with.
Step 3: Create a demo or MVF and send it to your target demo to see if they like it.

This live stream is made for ones trying to create a side hustle or a full business and not sure how to start. Each episode is a deep dive into building a business with a specific tool or skill to make your next business.

Join the discussion and build your business live with us every episode. During the COVID-19 quarantine, we’re doing the show nightly and trying to help as many people as possible to build their businesses.

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