Create a Price Quote Calculator for Website. Step-By-Step Guide [2019]

One of the most popular questions we get asked by our customers is, “How can we build an instant price quote calculator for the services we are selling?” This might seem like an overly ‘techy’ or complex question, but believe me – it’s not!

To prove this, I’m going to show you how to build an Instant Quote Calculator for Your Website step-by-step. And this will take less than 20 minutes. To make this guide consistent and easy understandable I choose a service that should look pretty clear for most of us – home cleaning service. So, as an example, I’m going to create an online price quote calculator for a home cleaning service business.

Perhaps the service you’re offering has absolutely nothing to do with cleaning, but no matter what your offer is, this example should definitely provide some valuable insights and get you started on your own calculator.

# Benefits of using an instant quote calculator on your website

Giving potential customers access to precise data and numbers empowers them to make informed decisions and can ultimately facilitate their shift from a shopping cart to checkout. An instant price quote calculator helps:

– Make pricing easy and transparent;
– Automate your work;
– Collect potential sales leads;
– Increase customer engagement.

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CALCONIC_ is an online calculator builder that allows users to create an interactive calculator and add it to their website. No programming skills needed.

We also have a bunch of ready-to-use templates that can serve as a foundation on which to build their desired calculator even faster or draw inspiration from for new calculator uses.

CALCONIC’s custom calculators are easy to integrate into any website that supports JavaScript or iFrame embedding, including DIY website builders like Shopify, Squarespace, WIX, WordPress, Weebly and more.

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