Create Effective Landing Pages for Spotify Ads with ToneDen

Use ToneDen landing pages to grow your Spotify followers.

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When running conversion ads, your landing page is a critical point in the process of converting your traffic to your destination. A bad landing page is a bottleneck for traffic. A good landing page is a launchpad.

With conversion ads for Spotify follower growth, simpler is better, and no one makes a better landing page for this than ToneDen.

Let’s walk through how to set up an effective ToneDen landing page for driving traffic to your Spotify profile and growing your fanbase of listeners.


0: 00 – Intro
1: 21 – Creating a new link with ToneDen
2: 25 – Substituting your Spotify profile link
3: 31 – Customizing your landing page
4: 10 – Modifying the URL of your ToneDen link
5: 06 – Adding your Facebook pixel
6: 03 – Why this method is so effective
7: 05 – Why I like ToneDen’s landing pages
7: 38 – Outro

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