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Creating an attractive landing page can be tricky and sometimes tedious!

With elfoAIM, funnel creation becomes much easier with our variety of customizable templates and drag and drop features.

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Your landing page is key to converting visitors into paying customers. In fact, it is crucial as your landing page directs your leads to find out what you are selling, why you are selling it, and who will buy it?

But, let’s face it. Not all landing pages are created equal. There are landing pages that look boring, chunks of text with no images, or they are just plain dull.

Therefore, you have to optimize your landing page content for conversions in order to avoid all these problems.
That is why you need a tool for you to easily create your landing page.

Using elfoAIM is pretty much straightforward. Here is what you can do:

Number 1; Choose from a variety of customizable templates that fit your business.
Number 2; Drag and drop a pre-made section to your template and the styling will change accordingly.
Number 3; Insert links and videos.
Number 4; Preview your landing page on both Mobile & Desktop.
Number 5; Integrate your landing page with your social media campaigns.

On the plus side, all elfoAIM’s templates have global styling, which means when you make changes in the template to match your business’s branding, the changes will be reflected across the template.

elfoAIM also provides tools such as analytics function and constantly thinks of ways to add more exciting features that will make your landing page unique.

What’s more, you can inform your customers of promotions, alerts, and reminders via SMS with elfoA2P.

On top of that, you can also integrate elfoAIM with third party services such as Woo Commerce, Shopify, and elfoMAP.

With the availability of templates to choose from elfoAIM gallery, you can create outstanding landing pages even when you have limited knowledge about web designing.

Start building your landing pages today with elfoAIM

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