Creating a Facebook Group Lead Generation Funnel with GroupConvert and GroupLeads

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Did you know you could turn your Facebook Groups into a lead generation and intel gathering tool?

Groupconvert: Cheaper but somewhat more complicated to setup requiring 3rd party integration software like zapier or integromat to get it into your CRM.
Groupleads: More expensive but a bit more polished, simple, and robust. Direct integration to 50+ CRMs.

Here is the actual process to set up your funnel:

1. Design a Facebook Group that aims to solve a specific problem your target customers have making sure you use the most commonly used search terms in the name and description.
2. Enable Membership/Participation Approval and Add your 3 questions people need to answer to join.
3. Install your GroupLeads or Group Convert, add your group to the tool, and integrate with your CRM.
4. Let Facebook advertise your group for FREE under recommended Groups.
5. Approve new members using the chrome extension overlay buttons that either tool provides.
6. Capture new emails and send an automated welcome message.

This video will show you how that is setup and compare the two tools so you can pick the one that’s right for you!

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