Creating Landing Pages that Convert with Webflow – Startup Week 2020

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Need an app landing page design? Learn a powerful, proven, and repeatable process for creating landing pages that convert. The Marketing Team at Headway will walk you through building a landing page in Webflow with a clear message and design that converts visitors into customers.

What you’ll learn:
– How to craft a clear message for your customers
– Essential elements that create trust and urgency
– A proven landing page flow to get you more customers
– Getting started with Webflow (for free)

Creating wireframes in Figma
Figma is a free design tool that you can use to create your landing page wireframes and ideas. You can find wireframe templates on the Figma Community. As you assemble the design of your landing page, brainstorm different sets of copy, headlines, and calls to action to experiment with.

Get Access to Figma

Figma Wireframe Template

Getting started with Webflow

Webflow Templates

Other Tools to Create Landing Pages

Resources & Inspiration for Landing Pages


A/B Testing Guide

Landing Page Analytics

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Using Figma Prototypes to Validate Your App Idea

Understanding Your Customers When You Don’t Have Any Yet

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This presentation is a part of Startup Week 2020 in Wisconsin.

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