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CRM implementation is a big task that involves a lot of team members. Getting everyone to agree on a system and then use it can be hard. That’s why we talked with sales CRM expert Nick Persico to see how sales managers can decide on the right CRM, get buy-in, and increase adoption (in just a few weeks).

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0: 00 Introduction
0: 52 Choosing the right CRM as a database for your customer data
2: 17 Pros and cons of an industry-specific CRM
3: 42 Don’t think of this as a permanent decision
4: 45 What is a CRM for? (And what is it NOT for?)
8: 36 How to get buy-in from leadership
9: 34 How to get buy-in from the salesperson
10: 58 How to get buy-in from operations and marketing
11: 51 Your CRM implementation plan should be in weeks, not months
12: 51 Why clean data = faster implementation
16: 43 CRM implementation costs
18: 57 Common pitfalls to avoid
22: 40 How to get full team adoption
24: 29 How to measure the success of your new CRM

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