Data challenges in AI, Dynamic, Noisy data, Evergreen AI | Roey Mechrez | Stories in AI

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In this episode, we talk Data and its relevance for successful AI implementations. I explore the following with Roey Mechrez, PhD – Co-Founder & CTO of BeyondMinds:

Why is data critical for success ML projects
How to handle Noisy, Dynamic data in production?
Best practices for Evergreen AI

Dr. Roey Mechrez, Ph.D., is the CTO and Co-Founder of BeyondMinds. As a leading AI pioneer and global visionary with extensive innovation experience in various industries, Dr. Mechrez co-founded BeyondMinds to bridge AI theory to practice, with the vision to create the first enterprise AI system that is universally applicable and easily adaptable. In his role at BeyondMinds, Dr. Mechrez is responsible for leading a group of elite AI researchers and scientists, directing the development of the company’s AI as a Service platform and its solutions, while also providing thought leadership and guidance for the company’s artificial intelligence strategies. Dr. Mechrez is a seasoned analytics executive with extensive experience helping organizations drive value with AI and impact from data. He is passionate about fostering a data-driven culture, using AI as a transformational catalyst to address complex regulatory, operational, and business intelligence challenges. Before founding BeyondMinds, Dr. Mechrez held a number of positions in hi-tech companies and academia and conducted research focused on the intersection of computer vision and deep learning.

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