Drafting the Marketing Funnel – Part 3/5

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0: 19 – Case Study by Monday.Rocks
1: 11 – Example: LinkedIn Ads Funnel
2: 20 – LinkedIn Networking
4: 17 – What you need to create a funnel

What’s the ideal starter funnel? Think about the best traffic sources, the first landing page or campaign, and email sequences you are sending out to your leads.

For example, let’s have a look at a paid LinkedIn Ads Funnel with 3000€ ad budget, generating 600 visitors, 50 leads, and 8 sales with a ROAS of 1.33%, which gets you 4000€ cash.

The more organic side of the funnel would be your LinkedIn network. The Sales Navigator provides you with 2500 results, so you can start connecting with the ones that have the most common connections (around 500), then you are writing 250 messages, 50 serious chats, and 8 out of those will result in sales (4000€ cash). In this case, you exchange your time for revenue.

You can decide on either technique depending on what is more valuable to you and what actually works for your business.

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