Easiest Sales Funnel Builder For Courses In WordPress – LMS Funnels by WPFunnels

It’s now easier than ever to create sales funnels for courses in WordPress.

For the first time ever, you will be able to create sales funnels for your LearnDash courses directly using WPFunnels. No need to use WooCommerce or any external tools.

With the latest WPFunnels – LMS Funnels Addon, you will be able to create sales funnels for your courses easily, and you do not need WooCommerce to do so.

All you need is a supported LMS tool (right now, only LearnDash is supported), WPFunnels Pro, and the LMS Funnels Addon.

Assuming you use LearnDash, you will be creating courses using LearnDash. And then, you will be creating a course funnel using the WPFunnels LMS Funnels.

It’s super easy. You can visualize your funnel steps on the drag and drop canvas and then control the whole funnel right from there; this includes assigning course offers, designing the funnel pages, and setting up the whole funnel.

In this video, you will get a quick overview of how it works. And in the next few videos, we will break down all the features to make them easier to understand.

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