ELMessenger Pro Review & Full Demo 2022 – Best Facebook Automation Tool

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ELMessenger Pro Review & Full Demo 2022 – Best Facebook Automation Tool

In this video, I give you an updated walkthrough and full demo of ELMessenger Pro. ELMessenger Pro is by far the best Facebook automation tool out there.

Here are the CORE BENEFITS of ELMessenger Pro and how it helps you generate more leads and sales using your Facebook profile:

1. Organize Messenger Inbox:
– Create color-coded tags
– Add a contact into a tag inside the messenger inbox
– Add notes to contacts inside the messenger inbox
– Filter contacts based on their tag
– Filter contacts based on who responded last
– Filter contacts based on a note
– Create message templates as “canned responses”
– Remove contacts in a specific tag

2. Automate Outreach
– Create personalized welcome messages that rotate through different variations
– Group Friender – Add members from a specific group
– Post Friender – Add people that like a specific post
– Common Friends Connector – Add people from the “People You May Know” column

3. Follow Up With Leads
– Send broadcast messages to people in a tag
– Create advanced multi-message campaigns
– Backoffice contacts overview
– Create Google calendar events/reminders within the messenger inbox

4. Scale Through Automations
– Automate the engagement of your “2-Step”/Lead Magnet Posts
– Integrate ELMessenger Pro to your GoHighLevel account and create “pipeline tags”
– Create and share ELMessenger Pro Frameworks
– Create “locked content” links

If you have any questions about the tool or what it can do, comment below!

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