Email Deliverability Masterclass for HighLevel with Joe Habscheid & Josh Nelson

Many of you were still struggling with email deliverability for your messages out of HighLevel. I’m pumped that I was able to get Joe Habscheid from Compliantly to come to walk us through his setup. Joe runs a very successful agency serving Medical Practices & is the most knowledgable person I know as it relates to eMail deliverability optimization. In this session, Joe unpacked the key settings to maximize our email deliverability from HighLevel.

Joe – The Angry German – won a scholarship in the prestigious Congress-Bundestag exchange program in 1985, was sponsored by President Ronald Reagan, and spent a year in El Paso, Texas. He fell in love with America, and after returning to Germany and obtaining a Masters in Physics he returned as a shareholder and COO of an 8-figure German Electronics Manufacturer and built the US office to a 7-figure company before obtaining an MBA and starting his own business consulting firm. With that firm, he helped grow several “small” businesses into multi-seven figure companies over the past 17 years. One client credited him with adding over $25 Million to his medical practice due to Joe’s unique data-driven marketing approach.

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Thanks for watching the video – Email Deliverability Masterclass

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