Experiential marketing for adidas: over 880 customers try the new Ultra Boost Shoe!

How can you get as many customers as possible to try on the new sports shoe from adidas in the shop and experience its exceptional sole?!
By using the newly developed Winning Wheels® shoe promotion from aktionspotenzial – that’s how!

The combination of the tried and trusted Winning Wheels® promotion along with the specially made shoe box scanner led customers into the shop – and straight to the new product from adidas: the new Ultra Boost!

More information about the Ultra Boost: l

The most important thing was that ALL participants got the chance to experience the shoe’s special walking sensation! A prime example of experiential marketing in which customers directly experience the product on their feet!

Point of sale marketing references:

The result? The shop was the number one attraction and was deliberately sought out by loads of customers – customer traffic was visibly improved and the turnover gave the shop managers something to smile about!

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