Exposing a $372k/mo solar panel agency (case study)


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Hi, I’m Thomas. I’m 20 years old, and I dropped out of university in April of 2022.

I make $10k/mo with my agency, Incliner Consulting, and I sign new clients with one phone call.

What do I owe my success to?

I shifted from a broken lead-gen model, to an appointment-setting agency, which made me go from charging a miserable $500/mo per client to $3,000/mo per client, at 80% profit margin, and 0% churn.

This shift allowed me to guarantee a crystal clear ROI for my niche, not ‘leads’ or ‘clicks’ or ‘facebook ads’.

Today, I’m personally mentoring 300 agencies to help them integrate appointment-setters and 10x their offering, and MRR.

Because it’s not about your outreach. It’s not about cold looms. It’s not about what you write in your emails.

It’s about guaranteeing results in a way no other agency can.

So join the discord & apply to be part of the community.

Mastermind will be capped at 300 agencies, so hurry up.

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