Facebook Ads Landing Page Guideliness To Get Your Ads Approved FAST

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Facebook ads landing page guidelines // How to make your landing pages comply with Facebook Ads rules so your ads get approved fast.

In this Facebook landing page tutorial I review the facebook ads landing page policies that may cause your ads to be disapproved.

A lot of advertisers don’t realise that Facebook actually review your landing page the same way they review your ads.

If your landing page doesn’t follow the Facebook guidelines as well as the Ad policies, your ads won’t be approved.

So in this video I cover Facebook ads landing page tips and how to set up your landing page for Facebook ads. Including what you can do and can’t do.

This is following the Facebook Blueprint course of ‘The do’s and don’ts of Facebook advertising which can be found here; as well as the Facebook ad policies which covers landing pages here;

As an agency and advertiser, we use Unbounce for our landing pages as shown towards the end of the video. You can learn more about Unbounce landing pages here;

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