Facebook Advertising Webinar

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In this Marketplace Webinar, Shaun and Paulson speak about:
✔️ 3 Reasons to go local.
✔️ Your role as a marketing expert for businesses.
✔️ Trick Pony vs Omnipresent Resource.
✔️ How to get more out of GHL when running Facebook Ads?
✔️ The new way of packing up the service lines.
✔️ Pros & Cons of Facebook Ads.
✔️ Importance of nurturing your leads.
✔️ Make it simple for your customers to respond to your ads.
✔️ Why most freelancers and small agencies with high revenue don’t do fulfillment by themselves?
✔️ Daily budgets vs month budgets.
✔️ Sneak peek of 5 Facebook ads Case Studies you can use with your clients.

You can download the case studies right here: y

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