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Hello, it’s Richard Wilson. Today, I’m going to talk to you about building your family office funnel. Now, the whole point here is to build a marketing system and process that brings you consistent potential clients to your family office practice. This is something that’s proven. I’ve used it to build a seven figure business. I know it works in the family office industry, because I’ve spoken with top family offices who use this strategy.

I have to tell you after speaking with 400 or, indeed, 600 different family offices in person, I’ve only met two or three that actually use this strategy. Usually, they’re not using every piece of it that I’m talking about here. This can be really powerful for you if you’re trying to differentiate your family office and really grow it as quickly as possible.

First of all, let’s diagram this as I talk just to make it really intuitive and quick and easy to understand, be a little bit easier if my marker worked here. All right. Let’s pretend that looks like a funnel instead of a triangle. Basically what I want to describe here is how we’re going to move a lot of potential customers down into being a few really valuable clients. At the very bottom here, the goal in this area here is to get clients. All right. What we’re going to do is now work from top to bottom to help you get more clients into your family office.

At the top of your funnel here is article writing and PR. You might get interviewed for a news article, you might write an article. Let’s say that your family office focuses on a small niche, professional hockey players from the National Hockey League. Those are the ultra wealthy professionals that you’re going to target and customize everything you do towards. If you’re doing that, you might write articles on being a professional hockey player and managing your wealth, common pitfalls of losing your wealth, how short your career might be if you’re a professional hockey player and what that means in terms of how conservative you are financially.

You might write articles and distribute those either through the internet, to a list of professional hockey players, maybe give it out to all the hockey teams and direct mail it to people’s houses who are professional hockey athletes. Basically, your goal might be to get 5,000 people to read those articles. The audience at this point is 5,000 people.

Now, the next thing you could do is put together a bunch of those articles and release a white paper. A white paper is just another term for a fancy authoritative article, which is somewhat definitive and comprehensive on a small niche topic. You could write a white paper on the top seven mistakes that professional hockey athletes make in their financial lifetime or something to that matter. If you write a white paper, you might be lucky if, let’s say, 2,000 people read the white paper. The good thing is some people that read your articles might find out you have a white paper available. They’ll first read your article, and then find out about your white paper and read that.

Next thing you can do is speaking and videos. With speaking and videos, this could be speaking at conferences. You could speak to professional National Hockey League teams. You could speak to associations of, let’s say, hockey team owners.

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