Finally agents and teams get access to Delta Medias best CRM, websites and automated marketing tools

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Pardon Us for This Disruption from Delta Media Group.

Delta Media Group, best known as a leading provider to the largest enterprise real estate firms in the US, has exciting news to share with you.

Delta Media Group has a new offering designed especially for single agents, teams, and small brokerages. The power and reliability of DeltaNET 6, the easiest to use “all-in-one” platform its customers have come to depend upon, is now available to real estate professionals of all sizes–including single real estate agents.

If you’re looking for a modern, attention-grabbing website that’s customizable too, you don’t want to miss this webinar. Discover how with DeltaNET 6, you gain access to the industry’s best built-in social advertising tools, hundreds of customizable print flyer designs, blogging, testimonials, automated Facebook posting––and that’s just for starters.

Join Marilyn Wilson (Co-Founder/Executive Vice President), Michael Minard (CEO/Owner of Delta Media Group), and Franklin Stoffer (Sales Manager of Delta Media Group) on Tuesday, August 25, at 3: 00 PM EST.

Discover all of the features available in DeltaNET 6 and why Delta Media Group made a move to launch such a robust platform for single agents, teams, and small brokerages.

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