FloatCon Webinars Adding and Maintaining Multiple Modalities at your Float Center

We’re noticing more and more that float isn’t the only modality at many float centers. There are tons of reasons you might choose to expand your center to offer various different services. And there are plenty of pros and cons to go along with these decisions.

So, we put together panel of people with experience and expertise about multiple modalities – each with a different point of view! We discussed several different services you might offer, how to choose the ones that work best for your center and your clients, and how to make it all a seamless experience!
Luke Krueger – Co-founder of Deep Wellness Center, and Founder of Deep Wellness Systems – Makers of Mandala Custom Float Rooms & The Titan Cold Plunge. Luke offers float, and fire and ice at his float center and is especially interested in cold plunge, and contrast therapy.

Erin Lee – Halotherapy Center Owner, among many other things. Erin is a qualified Civil Engineer with over 20 years’ experience in the construction industry with the past 12 years exclusively designing, project managing and constructing a wide variety of exclusive high end commercial and residential heat experience rooms and environments. Passionate about all things salt and halotherapy, she is also the Executive Director of the World Halotherapy Association, a member of the GWI Initiative Exploring Salt & Halotherapy, Founder of the UK Halotherapy Network, runs her own small salt room business as well as helping others to design their salt rooms.

Kelly Caldwell – Kelly Caldwell has owned and operated Drift Float & Spa since 2017. Graduating from Southern Methodist University with a BA in Advertising, Caldwell is specialized in the creative aspects of art direction and copywriting. She is the US Distributor for Float Spa pods and rooms. Caldwell is well versed in every aspect of opening, running, managing and maintaining a high level spa with multiple services. She consults for float centers and spas across the country on systems, efficiency, staff management, training, business development, technical maintenance and branding.

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