Focus on Zimbra 9’s Brand New Integrations with ASYX

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Zimbra 9’s modern UX + dependable server infrastructure = security, privacy and data sovereignty Zimbra customers expect. Learn more: /

Zimbra 9’s superpowers are flexibility and extensibility. Chat, video, doc sharing and file storage are built in! Rather use 3rd party tools like Slack, Dropbox, Zoom +++? You can do that too!

This video, with our partner ASYX, shows you Zimbra 9’s Integration Superpowers.

Zimbra powers small businesses, enterprises, governments and service providers … 100s of millions of mailboxes in over 140 countries. Find out why! .

Zimbra 9 features:
• Modern, Responsive User interface
• 3rd Party Integrations for Extensibility with Zoom, Slack, Dropbox, WebEx, Google Drive and more!
• New Zimlet Framework for Customization
• Zimbra Server Infrastructure for Security, Privacy & Data Sovereignty
• Classic UI for Easy Adoption
• Easy Upgrade, No Migration Needed
• Anytime, anywhere, any device
• Deploy on-prem, public or private cloud

Our extensible framework allows you to easily customize Zimbra for geographic or industry specific requirements. Need an open source option? Open source is in our DNA, and customers with a Zimbra 9 license can access the source code.

🤔 Why consider Zimbra when Google and Microsoft are available? We’re glad you asked! Google and Microsoft are so big and powerful that they can:
• Overcharge
• Read your email
• Sell your info
• Keep raising your prices
• Force you to use tools you don’t like
• Charge you for tools you don’t use

See why Zimbra is the best alternative to Gmail, Office 365 / Microsoft 365, Outlook, Yahoo, ProtonMail, FastMail, Hotmail, Zoho, Hey, Superhuman, AOL, Thunderbird and more!

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