Free ClickFunnels Training – How to Build A Menu Bar In ClickFunnels That Sticks for Your Website

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Free Click Funnels Training – How to Build A Header/Menu Bar That Sticks for Your Website

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Here is the custom css code: [insert ID] .containerInnerwidth: 100% !important;

What’s Up Guys! Hollywood here with a video from JoshDoIt on Click Funnels tutorials . Josh is Liz’s original apprentice and he’s full of value and is going to be sharing it with you guys consistently on this channel.

He’s an expert in several areas and if you want to know how to use Click Funnels he’s your guy. He designs many of Liz’s funnels and in this video he shows you how to create a website header/menu bar that sticks as you scroll.

What is clickfunnels ? Many things anywhere from an email auto responder , membership site , pay gateway , affiliate account creator and much more.

JoshDoIt talks about how powerful of a tool Click Funnels is. He even goes as far as to say it’s better than WordPress. All I know is Click Funnels has a ton of features, Russell Brunson and his team are committed to making this software better everyday.

A cool thing Josh shows you in this click funnels tutorial is how to create the header at a full %100 width. This requires a little bit of custom code, but shows you exactly what you have to type and I have copied it for you above.

Another thing Josh does is add %30 drop shadow to the text. This is a subtle effect, but effects like this are what separates an average website from a professional site.

To apply the sticky header feature to your menu bar all you have to do is go to the settings tab and click “sticky” – “stick to top on scroll”.

That’s the last step! In less than 12 minutes Josh showed you how he recreated our same menu bar.

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