Free Dentist Sales Funnel Template – Lead Generation for Small Businesses

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Today, we will discover how sales funnels have become an extremely important lead generation and sales strategy for local businesses. Our example today is a dentist sales funnel.

Let’s first define a sales funnel and why would you need one.

Regardless of the type or size of your business, you already have a sales funnel in place whether you realize it or not. From the moment that a customer calls you or walks into your office until they buy from you, they pass through different stages of your sales funnel.

For example, say that you offer a professional service like a dentist. When a customer enters your office, they speak to your receptionist and they give you their contact information (they become a lead), who then guides them through the sales process of setting the appointment for your service (the funnel) until they become a paying customer (the conversion).

This same sales process happens online with the use of a sales funnel. This sales funnel takes your potential customers along their buyers journey, collecting their contact information (the lead), making them aware of the problem that they need a solution (awareness), the customer begins to understand the solution and considers their options (consideration of your offer), and finally leads them to the decision making stage where they choose a solution and take action (conversion).

Let’s remember that in the online world, many customers don’t buy at first glance so the collection of their contact information (the lead) usually name & email, sometimes phone number is very important. This allows you to follow up in the future and nurture your potential customers who are not ready to buy today. Plus it allows you to begin to build a growing list of potential future customers.

The sales funnel works so well because it allows you to guide your prospect through the buyers journey providing your irresistible offer, creating scarcity by making it only available for a limited time, without any distractions that may be found on a traditional website.

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