Funnel reports in Google Analytics 4 (Funnel Analysis in Analysis Hub)

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Learn how to use Funnel Analysis reports in Google Analytics 4 (which is a part of the Analysis Hub).

Compared to Universal Analytics, GA4 funnels are a welcome improvement. They allow you to build funnel reports on the fly. If you have been tracking some events for a while, you can use them in your funnel analysis.

This sounds like a default thing, but for years (in Universal Analytics) funnels were one of the weak spots. Well, not anymore. If you want to check how people are dropping off in different situations, you can do that.

In this video, you will learn how to build funnel reports, how to view standard and trended funnels, how to configure breakdown dimension, funnel steps, compare segments and more.

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00: 00 – Intro
00: 52 – Getting started with Funnel reports in Google Analytics 4
02: 32 – Example: Product view → Add To Cart → Purchase Funnel in GA4
05: 22 – Interacting with Funnel reports in Google Analytics 4
09: 50 – Open vs closed funnels in GA4
13: 08 – Segments in Google Analytics 4 funnels
14: 11 – Final words


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