Funnel Showing” Missing Purchase” In ClickFunnels

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If you’re looking to solve a “missing purchase” error when testing your order form, this is where to start. Please review the possible solutions below for suggestions on what to try.

Troubleshoot “missing purchase” errors when testing your funnel. If you are seeing this error message in your funnel, it is recommended to review these possible solutions before moving forward.

What you will need:
In ClickFunnels, you must add a product on your Order Form page before you can utilize a payment gateway. With that in mind, the first thing to check is whether you have a product created on your page.
Start by navigating to your Order Form page in the funnel.
Along the top navigation options, click “Products.”From here, follow the directions on setting up a product in ClickFunnels.
Once you’ve added a product, proceed to test your order form again.
If there is a product, please proceed to

Possible Solution #2.
If you do have a product in place, you’ll want to review the settings to ensure everything is complete.
Begin by clicking “Edit” next to your existing product.
If this is the only product on the page, make sure the “Order Bump” option is left unchecked (as per image below).
Check each other field, including the product type to ensure it’s properly set to either “One Time” or “Subscription.”
If it is a subscription, you may need to review the product in your payment gateway to ensure it shows up properly.
Otherwise, if everything looks good in your product settings, please proceed to

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Possible Solution #3.
While in the page editor, you’ll want to ensure there are four different elements in place:
Select Product 2.0
Credit Card Form
Button (set to “Submit Order”)
You can have additional elements as well, but these four are necessary to ensure your Order Form works properly.
If one or more is missing, make sure to add it to the page.
If none are missing, make sure to confirm the Product Selection element is a “Select Product 2.0” elements. Sometimes, an older template may have an outdated product selector.
Next, remove your Credit Card Form (pointed to in the image below) and re-add that form.
Finally, confirm your button is really set to “Submit Order.”
Once all this is corrected, save your changes and test in an incognito window.

Possible Solution #4: Remove Any Custom Code

If none of the above solves your “missing purchase” error, the next step is to check your page for custom code.
Due to the security on Order Form pages, it is recommended you remove any on-page Custom Code for testing.
Next, check your “Settings” and make sure to clear out any “Tracking Codes” in there.
Once these codes are removed, make sure to test your order form again.

Possible Solution #5: Review Your Payment Gateway

If all of the above solutions do not work, the next step would be to login to your Payment Gateway and ensure everything is running properly there.
Depending on the gateway you are using, these steps can vary.

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