GA4 Tutorial: Which Organic Landing Pages are the Most Engaging?

Use this GA4 tutorial to fine tune your content marketing strategy in minutes.

Learn how to quickly identify what content your audience is most interested in – so you can create more like it.

On the flip side, you may find content with low engagement or scroll depth. Here you will want to try updating the intro paragraph to see if you can entice the user to read more.

Engagement Report: Pages and Screens in GA4 Step-by-Step:
1. Sign in to GA4 Account.
2. Click “Engagement” – located under “Life Cycle” in the left hand column.
3. Click “Pages and Screens.”
4. Add comparison: Create a dimension to include session medium: organic.
5. Set Date Range.
6. Change “Page Title” to “Page path + query string and screen class.”
7. Change Event Count “All Events” to “session_start.”
8. Filter by “session_start” by clicking on the “Event Count” header.
9. Filter by “Unique user scrolls”

About Analytics in Minutes: GA4 Series
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