GDPR compliance, Data Privacy for SaaS Companies in the EU

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For emerging SaaS companies “its even more desirable to pick somewhere that is more dependable, where you have this high level of certainty you have this access to the regulatory bodies right on site. “

We don’t want to suggest that the difficulties that we saw in the past with Safe harbour will happen again through privacy shield but once you are in Europe, then these issues are must less of concern to you. This is the same for all of the regulations, once we agree them in Ireland, we are agreeing them for half a billion people.

There is also one other big benefit we are seeing, that because we have 28 of the top digital companies in the world, the capacity to find good people in Ireland is unrivalled globally. We have an open ethos, we are open to bring people into Ireland but we have many, many other technical experts that are already here.

For emerging software and SaaS “companies coming from places like America, you can’t bring everyone over to you need to find a location that has good people. That in combination with the fact that we are so deeply entrenched into the largest market in the world in the EU with the regulatory certainty.

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