Get High Ticket Clients With Facebook Ads After iOS14

iOS14 has changed the game for people running Facebook ads which means we’re forced to use new strategies to stay profitable.

In this video I share the new strategy you can use to get high ticket clients with Facebook ads after iOS14 along with real examples of what my agency is doing with our clients so paid ads can continue to be their number one source of scalable traffic.

0: 00 – New Strategy To Get High Ticket Clients With Facebook Ads After iOS14
2: 16 – You need a new system & strategy to be profitable
3: 44 – #1 Offer first focus
5: 27 – #2 Design a funnel for today’s ad costs
7: 28 – #3 Synced messaging through entire customer journey
9: 22 – #4 Process driven ad framework
10: 11 – Tracking off the platform
11: 34 – Evergreen webinar results
13: 32 – Apply this to your business

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I’m a marketer who I got started working online in 2012 when I was helping a business figure out how to attract new customers with their website. I discovered paid advertising platforms like Google and Facebook Ads and the doors were unlocked. Since then I’ve worked with dozens of companies helping them generate hundreds of thousands of leads and millions of dollars in sales with online marketing campaigns. I also make YouTube videos sometimes.


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