GetResponse: How to Mobile-Optimize Your Landing Pages

Watch behind my shoulder as I mobile-optimize our GetResponse landing page that we created in the previous video.

Follow along with me step-by-step and let’s improve the mobile experience of our landing page together!

And if you still haven’t created a landing page and want to know how to build one out in GetResponse, I show you how to create a 52.68% conversion rate landing page from scratch in this video:

👉 k

The process to mobile-optimize your GetResponse landing pages is pretty straightforward unlike Unbounce or Thrive Themes for example.

You will simply click on your landing page to edit it, and then click on the little phone icon on the top-right corner to mobile-optimize your page.

From here on, you would simply make the changes to the mobile version of your landing page.

You can choose to also “hide” an element so it doesn’t show up on mobile, and then click on “show hidden elements” to see it again if you need to access it again.

If you want to have an element show up ONLY on mobile and not desktop, then you can add the element, but then hide it / make it transparent on desktop.

Unfortunately there is no way to just hide an element on desktop only, so this is the only way to hide an element you don’t want showing up on desktop.

Other than that, just repeat the process over and over again and make the mobile version of your page look different from the desktop one.

And that’s how you mobile-optimize your GetResponse landing page!

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