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Marketing exists to support your sales initiatives and funnels are part of this process. Funnels are all the rage right now and you may have heard the terms funnel builders, automate your funnel, add a tripwire, use this squeeze page…. What does it mean?

What does a sales funnel do and why does it exist?

Funnels are built and based on your ideal clients’ and customers’ decision-making process.

1. Problem Recognition
2. Information search
3. Alternative evaluation
4. Choice
5. Outcome

We all go through these steps multiple times a day. It’s a human tendency that marketers have adapted and applied to the sales/marketing processes.

Your funnel will use the natural decision-making process to create a roadmap to take someone who is a lead or prospect into a customer.

In the next video, we’ll talk about the different stages of the funnel and how to make it effective for your small business.

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As a small business owner, your time is just as valuable as making money. If your spending all your time marketing and not getting anywhere, are you get the return on your investment?

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