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This video is a quick case study showing the organic rankings for a home security and electronics installation website. We incorporated parts of the GHL Meets SEO Snapshot and after 3 months this site is ranking number 1 for 25+ keywords in Orange County, CA.

My client had a simple website built on HighLevel but wasn’t ranking for popular keywords in the industry. Using only the service pages within the snapshot and website template we were able to rank on page 1 for over 75 keywords!

Check out the video to see all of the big money keywords 🤑 we are ranking for already!

If you’re using HighLevel (aka GoHighLevel) to build client websites and landing pages you have to check out GHL Meets SEO – Snapshot and Website Template. With over 20 pages and detailed training on building a HighLevel site for SEO rankings, you’re sure to find content templates for current and new websites alike.

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