GO HIGH LEVEL Explained by Co-Founder Shaun Clark

Go High Level with Shaun Clark, co-founder of this amazing all in on #sales & #marketing platform called GoHighLevel that is taking marketing agency world by storm!

The team at GHL are amazing what they do, always evolving, always looking out for their clients and releasing new features.

I’ve tried many business marketing tools over my 10 years in running businesses and there is nothing like this.. 27 different tools all in one at unbeatable price!

I don’t really promote stuff on my podcast unless there’s something i feel can really add amazing value to all of you small business owners out there and in this example I feel very confident and proud to promote this amazing software AND share Shaun’s journey as en entrepreneur him self.

Anyway .. enough words said..

I could not be more excited. So I had to invite him on the podcast to share his journey about how he got started in software development what inspired him to get it all off the ground.

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[00:01:19] Who is Shaun Clark
[00:02:27] What inspired Shaun to develop GHL?
[00:06:01] What is Go High Level
[00:17:31] Amazing Value Proposition
[00:19:17] Shaun talks about SaaS
[00:24:15] Entrepreneurship & taking risks
[00:26:42] Quick fire, personal questions for Shaun Clark
[00:31:35] Toughest challenges for Shaun in launching GHL
[00:34:29] Business growth questions, challenges with scaling and more
[00:37:49] Leaders and Managers are not the same.
[00:38:40] Last time Shaun has put himself outside a comfort zone on purpose
[00:40:27] Affiliate Marketing & work of mouth
[00:45:36] What does Shaun do to keep himself at his best
[00:47:12] Best way to start being more physically active
[00:50:47] The problem with motivation
[00:53:01] What is Shaun not very good at?
[00:57:25] Wanna start a business? Listen to this bit
[00:59:56] Top 3 Take Away Points

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