Go High Level Round Robin Calendar Setup For 2022 – How To Setup A Round Robin Sales System In GHL

Want to setup a Go High Level Round Robin calendar for your sales team? In this video, I give you the exact steps to quickly and easily create a GHL round robin sales system for your organization.


0: 00 Intro
0: 25 ClickUp SOP Library
1: 01 Setting Up the Round Robin
1: 19 Inviting the Sales Team
2: 53 User Availability
3: 27 Setting Up the Timezone
3: 53 Calendar Configuration
4: 49 Create Your Sales Team
7: 03 Setting Up the Round Robin Calendar
7: 33 Setting Up the Appointment Distribution
8: 26 Setting Up the Calendar
9: 42 Appointment Slot Settings
10: 55 Confirmation
11: 26 Notifications and Additional Options
13: 14 Setting Up Individual Calendars
14: 32 Duplicating the Sales Rep’s Calendar
15: 01 Calendar Interface
15: 57 Creating Funnel Pages
18: 02 Setting up the Sales Pipeline
20: 37 Automations on the Workflow
21: 11 Call Reminders Workflow
22: 06 Adding a Gameplan Call
22: 48 Cancelation/No Show Workflow
24: 35 Duplicating Workflow
25: 59 Outro

Want to make it even easier. Grab these resources.

Grab the HighLevel Round Robin Setup SOP here – p

Grab the Round Robin Go High Level snapshot here – t

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